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EPSON ribbon black FX890

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EPSON ribbon black FX890

EPSON ribbon black FX890

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An exact fitting ribbon cassette enables easy and user-friendly replacement and does not jump out during printing. Perfect harmonization between printer mechanism and ribbon transport means uniform distribution of color which, in turn, ensures a clean and pleasing appearance and also makes ribbon-tightening a thing of the past.
Of course, in the choice of ribbon fabric and mesh thickness, Epson pays special attention to the particular properties of the print head, in order to ensure that the ribbon does not fray and there is no chance of it getting stuck. In addition, costly repairs as a result of defective print heads and cash register breakdowns are avoided.
Likewise, Epson places great emphasis on the choice of ink in which the ribbon is soaked: quality of print out, even distribution of color along the length of the ribbon and predection of the print head pins from mechanical strain and chemical pollution are the important criteria which influence quality and perfect design.

Product Description Epson - 1 - black - print ribbon
Product Type Print ribbon
Printing Technology Dot-matrix
Printing Colour Black
Yield Up to 7.5 million characters
Included Qty 1
Compatible with FX 890, 890A, 890II, 890IIN, 890N
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