A guarantee or warranty on a product gives additional protection and this protection is extended to anyone who has possession of the goods during the lifetime of the guarantee.

All the products supplied on the online catalogue PRC.LV are covered by the terms and conditions of the Original Manufacturers Guarantee for a period of 12 months.

The most detailed description of the warranty policy you may find in the specification of products you are interested in. The warranty also applies to all items with defects caused by the production of goods at the factory. If the defect of the goods was caused by the customer (buyer), the warranty will be canceled. The guarantee does not apply if the buyer tries to fix the defect of the goods by himself or starts using it. The guarantee also will be canceled if the goods are not treated properly according to the instructions, listed in the goods description.

The products Guarantee is confirmed by the invoice from the purchase date of the item. The invoice will be issued by purchasing goods online, or received by post or via e-mail after your checkout. The online catalogue PRC.LV, during the 12 months warranty agrees to repair, or at its sole discretion replace, or refund the price of any goods found to be defective after the return. If you decided to return the defective goods, please remember that the goods have to be new, in a full kit, and sent in the original package, with the original manufacturing documents and invoice, confirming that the products were purchased on the online-catalogue PRC.LV. Please note that Guarantee does not apply to cables, chargers, lighters, batteries, and phone sockets.

Our purpose is to provide our customers quality service at all times regarding all claim issues. If you are experiencing any trouble, you can reach us via email or telephone to answer your warranty or claim related questions.


Return policy

The customer has the right to return any item purchased on PRC.LV within 14 days  from the delivery date of the order. Before you return, make sure all products  are  exactly in the same condition you received them in, with the identification  tag  and  seal  still  attached,  original package  and  a protective  screen  film  (on the screens of mobile phones, mp4 players and other  devices),  as well as the invoice confirming the product purchase on PRC.LV.

PRC.LV reserves the right to refuse returns that are shipped after the 14-day grace period has expired or that are not in the same condition as you received them.